9 Temmuz 2020 Perşembe

Research Idea 1

You can do this research starting from today, or read them in 6 years :)
  • During the pandemic many patients have delayed their screening programs and this made some delayed diagnosis of tumors.
  • There are claims that screening programs are not effective in catching some cancers (analogy to birds), and causing over-diagnosis on others (analogy to turtles). They are only effective in stepwise developing slowly growing neoplasms (analogy to rabbits).
  • Are the screening programs really delayed?
  • Are there any decrease in cancer diagnosis?
  • Are the peri-pandemic era cancer patients more likely to be diagnosed late?
  • Does this delay caused decrease in overall and disease free survival?
  • Get data from centers.
  • Check yearly cancer data.
  • Follow-up them.
  • Calculate survival and hazard status per cancer type.

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